Ortur Laser Master 2 - Engraving does not resume after cool down period

Hi, Having an issue with a new Ortur laser master 2 15 watt.
So far i have only tried engraving and it seemed to be working fine in LASERGRBL.

But i notice there is a cool down setting for this laser in programs settings.
Currently its set to 8 minutes on 20 second off for cooling.

However when printing after 8 mins the laser cools down for 20 seconds. When it resumes the engraving, it follows the pattern as if engraving but the laser fails to ignite and burn / engrave. The job carries on without the actual laser turning on to engrave. Can anyone offer me advice on what may help solve this issue

Opened a ticket with Ortur support in the end. I had older firmware installed 1.37 out of the box new…and needed to upgrade that to 1.40 to have the laser auto cooling feature to work with lasergrbl. Now the laser auto cools and turns back on instead of staying off when cooling or pausing and the axis motors carrying on… Also install the upgraded yellow black earth wire with 3 connection points that comes in the box and disconnect the short black / red clip from the motherboard and homing circuit just pull the 2 heat shrunk wires off and connect the new red / yellow wiring. firmware upgrade video get new firmware 1.40 here, windows only https://ortur.tech/firmware/OLM_Series/OLM_2_Firmware_Release_1.4.zip

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