Ortur Laser Master 2 LI-4 banding ONLY on painted surfaces

Hi all! Fairly new to this, but having a great time with my Ortur LI-4 and Lightburn. So far everything has been great, except… engraving paint from glass. I’m getting horizontal banding on images I burn. Here’s my process:

  • Piece of glass (I got a bunch of 8 x 10)
  • Spray paint 2 light coats of white primer
  • Spray paint 2 light coats of whatever color (have tried gloss, semi, matte etc for these)
  • I create the image in Photoshop at 254 DPI, mess with the brightness and contrast settings
  • Drop the TIFF file (also tried PNG and others for fun) in Lighburn, set the laser strength to 50, 3000 mm, no passthrough, Jarvis setting, 1 pass.

Banding will occur throughout the image, but the lines will be clean otherwise. When I burn the same image on some Bamboo or other wood, banding does not occur whatsoever. Ive gone as low as 30% power with the same issue. I’m at work so don’t have an image ready to provide, but can if needed. If the paint brand(s) are also needed, I can do that as well. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve already learned so much by lurking these boards the past few days.