Ortur Laser Master 2 Only Engraving the left half of my images

I have had my Ortur Laser Master 2 for about two weeks and I have had phenomenal results so far. Unfortunately today I researched how to refocus my machine to make sure the height of my wood was the correct distance from the laser. After adjustments I have gotten much better pictures from my laser but it only prints the left side. It hits a certain spot in my cutting area (almost exactly half way) and won’t even turn the laser on. As soon as it finishes that pass and reaches the halfway point again, the laser continues functioning as normal on the left hand side of the picture. Does anyone know if this is a defect or if I have messed something up?

This sounds like a loose wire - when the system moves far enough to flex it a certain way, it’s making contact again and firing. That’s a guess, but there aren’t software options that would cause what you’re seeing.

How do I go about fixing this issue? I have bought this machine for my small business and am in the middle of working on a project for a client. I believe you are right that it is a wiring issue. It has not taken to only firing the laser on occasion.

So is there any fixing the loose wires or did I just waste $400?

Sure, but this is something Ortur Support might be able to help you with as this is equipment they produce. They offer replacement parts and are, in general, very helpful. :wink:

I would think it would be something other than a loose wire if I’m reading the problem description correctly.

If the work area is setup for ~400mm x 400mm and you put a 300x300mm image in the center of the work area your machine is doing this:

  1. it goes back and forth only on the left half of the image and engraves the left side properly.
  2. it stops at the center of the machine/image and engraves in the opposite direction for the left half of the image
  3. the laser head never goes over to the right side of the machine.

Is this correct?

The laser head moves over the entire 400x430 mm work area, it’s only the laser beam that cuts out half way through.

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check the connectors too but yes it sounds like a bad connection or broken wire.
Does the laser fan stop when it goes over the right side of the image area?
If not, then the problem is likely with the white wire instead of either the red(12V) or black(gnd).

I would test this by using LightBurn to run the laser on in low power mode with the Fire button on the Moves tab. Turn the laser on with the Fire button and with a wooden toothpick or Popsicle stick wiggle just the white wire on the laser module. if nothing stops it then go to the other end of that wire and wiggle the connector and the white wire at that end. if that doesn’t do it, there might be a 2nd connector/wire near the laser module wire which goes back to the controller. wiggle the wires on that connector and see if the laser stops.

If you see any effect of the wire or connector wiggling on the laser then you’ve found your problem.

Could be a bad connector, bad crimp, broken wire at the crimp, bad or unsoldered connector pin.

I just did the refocusing thing and mine has done a similar thing. did you find out what happened and how to fix it?