Ortur laser master 2 pro keep getting no power supply

i searched this and the topic is closed, laser homes properly, then when I shift+frame it will do a square the stop, fan come on and i get msg no power supply. i have bought two additional power supplies, came with 24v 2A, i currently have 24v 3A, all with the same error

Are you able to turn on the machine even without USB connected? The Ortur board can be powered by the USB cable so can appear alive even if power supply is not working.

If it doesn’t come on without USB you could still either have a power supply issue or perhaps an issue with the power input.

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yes, im beginning to think its a power input issue :hot_face:

So it won’t power on without USB? If you’re still within the warranty period I’m sure that Ortur will replace the board.

it is “on” with the usb, and the power supply, its just that whenever the laser has to activate (shift+frame) for example, it stops and gives me the no power supply error message

I mean if you don’t have USB connected will it power on?

yes it will, it acts as if the process of using the plug in power is an issue, meaning when it calls upon the plug in power to be used it begins to then stops with the error message

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