Ortur Laser Master 2 - random errors

I’m trying lightburn and I must say I love it.
The only issue I have is that ever since I’ve been using Lightburn, my laser master 2 randomly
stops during a job.
Here are some screenshots of the type of errors I encounter.
The problem is that i can not resume the job afterwards and I have to reboot everything.
Thanks for your help,


Yes, I’ve had this issue too. It’s intermittent, and the same job run again doesn’t suffer the crash. I believe I also saw a false alarm about the laser head exceeding the bed dimensions even though I did a frame and this didn’t trigger the limit warning I have in my settings. I’m wondering if the signal is getting corrupted by my USB setup (hub or wires).

I found I was able to avoid restarting the software by, in the Laser tab, changing the device selection to “(choose)” and then back to my device again.