Ortur Laser Master 2 shuts off in the middle of a job

I am trying to burn an image (a *.lbrn file), and the machine turns itself off at about 20 or so minutes into the job. It doesn’t just stop, but the GRBL controller turns off. The Laser tab shows ‘disconnected’. Is there a setting somewhere that would cause this? I haven’t done much with the Laser Master 2, as the laser went out about a week after I got it, and I just got the replacement a few days ago. It has ruined the last two jobs I have started.
Any ideas?

Greetings Tim
What version of lightburn you using please?
Have you tried to replicate behaviour using lasergrbl?

I am using Lightburn 0.9.16. I have not tried LaserGRBL yet, but will do so.

Please yes, try to replicate this on lasergrbl same settings if possible (Speed and power)

I replicated the problem on LaserGRBL, with an extra problem. In the middle of running the program, the image shifted to the right by about 10mm. At exactly 30 minutes of run time, the machine turned off. The message says “LaserGRBL detected some problem with your board” and “Unexpected Disconnect”

Console Picture

Error Picture

Pictures attached.

Please advise.


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