Ortur Laser master 3, power problem?

hello forumers
I am the owner of ortur laser master 3 10W and I have a problem. I will immediately write that I am a beginner laser user. I am doing cutting tests on 3mm plywood and according to the recommended parameters found on the internet, such plywood can be cut at a speed of 400 mm / min and with a power of 100 and 2 passes. And here comes the problem because my laser is not able to cut plywood with such parameters. At a speed of 300mm/min and a power of 100, it will cut through it, but only after 4 passes.
I even tried with air support 300mm / min and power 100, cut for 4 passes. Am I setting something wrong? Could this be a manufacturing defect (hopefully not). Please help me what can I do about it. Regards

maybe it’s a problem with the power supply?

You could have a faulty laser but Please try dry pine wood because plywood glue has no cut paramaters.

I have a10w but i could not compare anything with your plywood no matter how cheap it is .
Nobody can help with plywood as the medium as we all know that it is variable ,even between cuts .
Welcome to the challenges ahead!

Ps 6mm Black acrylic cuts very well with low power diodes

The 3mm plywood I bought is made of dry-durable birch, dedicated to lasers. What’s more, the manufacturer states that it is glued with urea-formaldehyde glue (it doesn’t tell me anything :D) which supports the cutting process.

But I had another idea. Unfortunately, I haven’t cleaned the laser lens yet and today I found out that it should be done regularly. Fortunately, the laser is new and hasn’t been used much yet. Maybe that’s the problem?