Ortur Laser Master and Laser Master 2 Firmware Updates 1.34

It been brought to our attention a problem regarding Power Modulation while on M4 Dynamic Mode.

Thread here for complete description of problem: Power modulation problem I think

First of all we would like to thank everyone for bringing this to our attention and apologise for the delay. Current events and the Chinese New Year Holidays held us back from delivering a firmware patch that would fix the problem.

Note: If your machine was produced after January 15th, 2020, you will already have this firmware installed on your machine and do not need to update.

A brief explanation of what happen. The problem was caused on the encoding and parsing of the SXXX commands in the 32bit firmware. LightBurn and LaserGrbl was issueing the correct SXXXX power command, however this power commands were converted on the fly to 8bit instead of 32bits (this would cap them to S250 max only). We identified this issue as well on the GRBL fork firmware we used as base for our Ortur Laser Master machines and are sending a Pull request to fix it there as well.

Fixing this bug will also enable the laser to output the full power it should, so please be warned S1000 will output much more power than what the previous firmware was allowing. In effect Before this patch S1000 was equivalent to S250 in a S0-S1000 scale.
*Note: If you have performed power tests for engraving and cuting on different materials and have a list of settings for them, these tests must be repeated to account for the bigger power output at the higher power Values. Apologies for this


Firmware: Ortur Laser Master 1.34


Firmware: Ortur Laser Master 2 1.34

How to Update your Firmware:
Please connect the Ortur Laser Master Laser Engraver to a Windows OS computer by USB cable and follow the steps below. (Windows is required to do this)

Note: Be sure Lightburn, laserGrbl or any other software that communicates to the USB port are not running.
a) Press and hold power button
b) Press the Reset Button one time
c) In your computer a folder will show up (this folder is just as similar as a flash driver inserted into the computer)
d) Release the power button.
e) Copy the OLF_134.BIN in the folder
f) Wait a few seconds, then press Reset Button again

The firmware should now be upgraded to the latest version.

Please let us know if any other issues arise.



Have you received any news regarding when the original stm32 code you forked will be fixed ?
There are quite a few older stm32 ports that don’t appear to be maintained. Perhaps people using these older ports could benefit from the fix also.


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Our firmware is not based on those older stm32 code, all of them have too many bugs. the OLF (Ortur Laser Master Firmware) is programmed by ourselves.
By the way, we plan to recode the firmware in next serveral months, to make the firmware more stable and powerful.
If you have any suggestion or feedback, welcome to inform us, we’re open mind to give and take, thank you!

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Is there a way to confirm that the firmware update was completed?


Where can i see if its fits?

I am also interested in whether there is a way to read the firmware version

@moudruessel @grobi @DMH

There is no particular feedback in order to verify if the firmware updated properlly.
However a easy way to see if new firmware is active and installed correctly is check the X and Y Max speed, that should be set at 9000mm per min, where previous max speed was 12000mm/min

If you see 9000mm/min then you have the latest firmware installed.


Where do you check for X and Y Max speeds. If I look into device settings on Lightburn and then click on the additional settings Tab, I see max speed X = 500 mm/ sec and Y = 400 mm/sec. (I have Ortur Laser Master 1).


send a $$ and lookat the reply


My device hung during the firmware install. Nothing happens if I press the power button once or if I hold it down for multiple seconds. If I hold down the reset button I get an error message that the connected device is not working properly.

If I trace the error message using Windows Device Manager the message says that USB device descriptor failed. Port_#0004.hub_#0004.

If I uninstall the device & reboot my computer I have the same issue.

Ortur Device Manager Jpeg

The laser reconnected but now when I start the laser it travels the Y axis to the stop and starts to travel the X axis but stops. The Laser Screen shows that the laser is busy but nothing happens when you click Stop or Pause. Below are screen shots of some windows when this happens:Lightburn Device Advanced Settings Lightburn Device Basic Settings

If you look to the Console window you will notice an Alarm was thrown.

Alarm:8 - Homing fail - Homing fail. Pull off travel failed to clear limit switch. Try increasing pull-off setting or check wiring.

You will need to resolve this issue. Do you have limit switches installed?

Thanks for the quick reply Rick.

I just received the laser. After assembling I connected to my Win 10 PC & powered up. Started Lightburn & used the wizard to find and configure my laser. I set the Origin to Left Front and finished the Wizard.

Next I followed the instructions above to update the firmware to version 1.34. I never set limit switches. I also never installed any of the Ortur sowftware or GRBL software.

I read above that the way to check to see if the firmware upgrade installed correctly is to review Max X & Y settings. 12,000 mm/min is old firmware, 9,000 mm/min is new firmware but both my X & Y Max speeds are 500 mm/min.

Screenshot of Machine Settings:

Lightburn Machine Settings

I see you are using GRBL-M3 but your firmware if Grbl 1.1f so you should be using the GRBL profile. Do te discovery again and it should select the GRBL profile now that you have upgraded your firmware.

I am having trouble determining if the firmware up grade took place,
Can some one post a picture of what the screen looks like that shows the max and min speeds,

Thank you

Reread this post. The answer to your question is above.


This will also come in handy if you haven’t reviewed already: https://github.com/gnea/grbl/wiki/Grbl-v1.1-Configuration

What page should I see the 9000 on? I am having the same issue of not knowing if the firm ware actually updated.
I am trying to engrave an image of a photograph. I have changed to dither to gray scale, made many power/ speed changes with no positive results. Everything is too dark or to light.

Any suggestions?

Type $$ into the Console window followed by the Enter key. This will spit out some codes as shown above. That Console window is scrollable to see all output. Here is what they mean: https://github.com/gnea/grbl/wiki/Grbl-v1.1-Configuration