Ortur Laser Master Pro2 Not rengraving

  • need some help. I have a Ortur Laser Master 2 I have had since Christmas. I installed Lightburn on it and All was going good until a few weeks ago. I can no longer run this computer with Lightburn and burn anything with it. I have a older computer and I can run Lightburn and engrave like normal. I contacted Ortur and they said the power supply was bad and the laser. I installed the new power control and laser and it didn’t fix the problem.I am conected to the laser but it run full blast no matter what I set the speed at. I have checked the setting on the 2 computers and they are the same. Today I tryed LaserGIRBand I was able to engeave. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and updated the versions. Any Ideas?
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This doesn’t seem to be a power supply issue. This can be caused if the control to the laser is ‘stuck on full blast’ but there are two things making that somewhat unlikely. The PWM diver board is designed to generally fail toward off and more importantly it’s working on the other computer.

Let’s attempt to recover the settings that you were using before things went wrong.

In LightBurn click File on the top row,
then click Load Prefs Backup (right near the bottom)

Select an option with a date on it that lines up with when you were successful with LightBurn and your engraver.

Once that’s in, it should work… if it doesn’t work like it did in the past then it’s something else. Please let us know if it works as expected or if there’s something else not right.

John, thank you for getting back to me. I went back through the setting on the 2 computers and the only thing that I found different was, on my newer computer the, Better for diode was set on Inches/min. the older computer was set on Inches/mm/min. Once I set the newer computer on the Inches/mm/min, it started to engrave. I am running it now and seems to be back to normal. I will do what you suggest and let you know . thanks again
Dan Johnson

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Please capture the setting that says inches/mm/ min. I’m curious as to what you’re looking at and what speed you’re operating at.

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