Ortur Laser says its ready but when trying to get going on a project it says waiting for connection

I have an ortur laser and am trying to set it up. I went through the process and seems like I did everything I was supposed to it even says Laser Ready but when I try to actually start the project it says waiting for connection?

In laser pannel, have you selected the COm port?
Do you get the “ORTUR LASER MASTER READY” message in the console?

What type of Job start are you trying to use?
and when it gets busy you get any console error?

Yes COM1 it shows laser ready but then says waiting for connection in console
top left says not responding. I am just trying to test it out with a single letter

Could you post a screen shot of your console window:
a) right after connecting to laser
b) right after pressing start and saying busy

Sure thing I will do it when I get home. Do you happen to have a direct email/text that I can send it to so I don’t have to log in on the same computer I am working with ?

I saw your ticket come in so i guess you already got the answer for the question Ortur.tech/support is in fact the best way

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