Ortur LaserMaster 2 15w power supply trying to burn Norton white tiles could use some help

Hi gang new here. I just purchased an Ortur Laser Master 2 with a 15w power supply. I know it’s not a high end model but didn’t want to drop tons of money just yet until I learn the basics of the laser world.

I’m NOT expecting to get amazing results but was curious if anyone had any suggestions on image processing steps or links with steps to process an image for best results?

Also looking for lightburn suggestive settings as well for this type of laser.

I have done the Norton tile testing such as the hulk face on white tile painted green then a layer of black and it turned out amazing.
My struggle is trying to burn an image of say my son and his soon to be wife on white tile painted white. I wanted to make them some coasters of images of them thru the years while they dated as a wedding gift but so far no luck.

I focused my laser to a fine dot but still not much luck getting acceptable results.

I’ve been searching and searching this forum and others and figured I’d settle here since I’ve learned how to fly around the lightburn and intend to buy it once the trial is up. It’s very friendly for novice users in my mind.

Any suggestions on instructional for image processing and lightburn settings is super appreciated. I’ll try later today to post some work I did with this for examples.


Here are some pics of the painted tiles I made. Posting pics shortly of the white ones I’m struggling with.

Here are two samples of trying an image on white tile with white paint. I can’t seem to get the image sharper and crisp. Not sure what I’m doing wrong if it’s image pre processing or laser LightBurn settings or both?

Thanks for any suggestions or help. Greatly appreciated

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