Ortur lasermaster 2 20w came incomplete

I Just got my ortur laser master 2 with a 20w laserhead, and the kit came incomplete. it is ridiculous … i bought it off ali express… it costed 219 eur for the thing … and I have been reading about it for a while… the package arives… i have to pay 75 more eur to get it … taxes and fed ex taxes … anyway I end up with this package … that costed 300 + eur … and when I try to build it not all the peaces are in the box … i am missing the 3 feet of the machine… i checked everywhere… tor the whole package up…but these parts are missing … can anyone direct me to a place where I can get some stl files to print … i am just so angry with this whole thing … it said eu shipping … and they sent it from china … whatever… if someone can help me with this problem I would be grateful…

If you bought it from the official ortur store on AliExpress they seem very good for errors this like.

Have you contacted them?

Also, the ortur Facebook page is directly run by the guy who runs ortur so head over there and have a whinge. Sure it will be sorted.

I cannot help with the stl file but again the favebook group for ortur seems to have files to print (not sure if it will be what you need but they are a creative bunch)

Have you contacted Ortur support?

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