ORTUR LaserMaster 2 - image "shrinks" at start


I have recently bought my new laser engraving tool - ORTUR LaserMaster 2, and I have one small issue. When I start engraving, the first “lines” of the image are like “shrinked”. After some lines, the image is great again and is not shrinked. It happens just after start at the first lines of image. I’m putting the image below, I cant explain it better. I hope you will understand me.

Is there, please, any solution to this problem? I’m new to this engraver tool and I hope that you guys can help me. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Type $$ into the console and hit Enter/Return, then copy and paste the entire results for review and we can go from there.

That’s called backlash, or slop. It’s looseness in some part of the mechanical parts that move the laser head. The head travels to the bottom of the image to begin engraving, then reverses direction. If the belts or pinions are loose, it will have to take a few steps in the reverse direction before the belts tighten enough to move the laser again.

Check to make sure the belts are properly tensioned, and that any pinions on stepper motors are tight.


thank you very much for your help. I tightened all mechanical parts, screws and everything else and engraver is working great and is very accurate.

Again, thank you very much!!!

Best regards
Pavel Jelic

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