Ortur LM 2 - Y axis issues (sound & uncontrolled moves)


Ortur LM 2 has been working just fine for a long time and yesterday it started to behave really odd. Something is wrong with Y axis, makes horrible sound and when it “agrees” to home properly, after hitting the limiter some strange vibrations still occur.

Changed the Y axis stepper from roller and very same behaviour occurs. Belts are tight enough and no trash in rails etc.

Can’t really figure out what is the reason for this - any thought/ideas?

Check your Y-axis max traversal speed and acceleration values in Edit->Machine Settings and compare them to your X-axis. They should be the same.

Is it a bump stop limiter or a limit switch.
A failed switch or a switch out of adjustment could create this symptom.
See if you can tell if the switch is working. When powered, the switch will show Zero volts across the wires when it is closed and will show some small voltage when connected properly and open.

If the engraver doesn’t have limit switches they are intended to be manually homed for each power cycle. Automatic homing should be turned off.