Ortur LM2 'Check Limits' Error

Hi. Haven’t used my LM2 for a couple of months and when I fired it up, nothing moves; the error LED Flashes Red after a few seconds and the Software reports ‘Check Limits’ Even if I send an ‘Unlock’ still nothing moves.

I have checked both limit switches and the X-Axis switch clicks but the Y-Axis does not click. I checked the continuity across the 4 solder joints and the switch ‘appears’ to be making but still no joy.

I’m hoping someone on here, more knowledgeable than me can give me some advice.

@OrturTech may be able to help you, but he may take a couple days as he isn’t on here every day.

Thanks @Makingsmoke. I think I have it sorted, turns out the pins of the PSU were not making proper contact inside the mains outlet and, whilst the green light was on from power through the USB, it was not providing any power to the machine

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That’s interesting, usually that gives a homing fail error.

Thanks for letting us know the solution.