Ortur lm2 pro shuts down first turn on

when i first power up my LM2pro it will home twice like its supposed to, then shut off. If i power it back on after that first time it will run for as long as i want, is there some setting that will cause this? i’ve read the settings into LB to try to get accurate times for costs etc, it just started doing this annoying but otherwise bypassable.

I know of no such setting for this.
I would gently wiggle the power supply connections at the circuit board and try to discover what happened.

Is there any messaging in the Console window when the Ortur shuts down? If so, please copy and paste it into a reply here.

Nope, i found however that if i leave LB running and connected to com3 (where the laser resides) and turn it on, it will stay on. If i unload LB or close it, and turn it on it homes then shuts down, if it turn it on again after LB is running it will stay on, i’ve not tried it twice in a row without LB running at some point.

Got ahold of Ortur, apparently this is an issue in the version of firmware i’m running, Gil described the situation to a T, i have the new 1.87 version he linked me to, will install this evening and report back for closure.

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