Ortur LM2PRO suddenly stop

Hello There,
I used Lightburn for almost 6 month now, and I have a new Ortur LM2pro with the LF laser head.
I have some issue with engraving. Sometimes the process just top with no reason.

Sometimes the laser stop by itself, sometimes the laser continue to burn even if nothing is moving.
I destroyed some pieces this way.

How can I have some “log” to understand what is happening and trying to fix it ?

Thank you very much

The answers, alarms and error messages are in the Console window in LightBurn. The ‘Show all’ switch on the right side of the window will allow you to see the G-code passed to the engraver. You can select the entire contents of that window and paste it into a text file for review.

The symptom sounds like a communication error.

JohnJohn, I replied to you in another post about a similar issue. Since he is running a Windows PC Yohann may also want to look at his CPU usage in Task Manager to see if something may be eating up his resources. I’ve been having the same problem on my OLM2 Pro and I think it was firewall/anti-virus related. Just a thought.

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It’s certainly a possibility. I just saw your other post (now thread!) about this and I have asked Gil to weigh in with his experience on this as well.

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