Ortur lm3-20a inlay

I have an Ortur LM3-20A laser and am trying to do a few inlays.The inlay material (positive) is about 3/32" thick and I would like it to go about 1/2 way into the (negative) “hole” that’s cut into the face of my project.
Is there any way to predetermine how deep the laser will cut/fill into the face of the project and a given speed and power.
I know the settings will be different depending on what type of wood I’m working with but am looking for a ballpark figure so as to not burn up the project.
I only have one very small piece of scrap wood of the same species so I can’t really do any tests on it.

I have the LM3 with the older 10Watt head.
I go about 2mm deep into cherry at 10mm/s, 40% so if your wood is similar to cherry, you should be able to do the same with 1/2 the power for 2 mm, 1/4 for 1 mm (~3/64") . Of course the relation is not linear.

3/64" isn’t much depth so I’d start off with even lower power and just do a run, check (without moving the piece), then repeat until depth is reached.

Do you know what species the wood is?

Yes it’s Cherry and my experience with Cherry with my older 5 w laser was that it burned fairly easily.This laser is a 20 w and I’m burning everything trying to get used to the power.
Thanks for tje suggestions.I’m very surprised to see that you go that slow with 40% power even with a 10 w laser.I “think” I have to go a bit faster even at 20% power? Maybe 1000 mm/m?
I guess the only way for me to do this is to just do it.
Thanks again,

Try the attached file.
Thomas_th.lbrn2 (86.7 KB)

It will burn!

If you run at 20% versus my 40%, you’ll likely go too deep. My 40% will cut down about 5/64 which is almost your full (3/32") thickness.

I use air assist of about 12L/m which helps keep the path clear. I also recommend covering the wood with a single layer of masking tape (blue or regular) which helps keep any stray embers from causing burns.

I engrave a lot of different woods (for epoxy fills) and the depth difference between soft and hard is about 2:1 (cherry to Jatoba)

It took me a while to get to this as it’s been crazy here lately.
Thanks for the file and it came out outstanding.
If now,I could do that myself!

A thousand apologies. It was an inadmissible mistake on my part. I sent a file that wasn’t the final one and that has a shift in two outer shapes.
Correct file Thomas_fn.lbrn2 (88.0 KB)