Ortur LMP2 SF Lines in fill

Hello, I did a lot of testing (not all shown here), belt tightening and got a decent looking burn, however there are small lines in my fill, is this normal? If not how do I get rid of the lines?

This particular cork piece was burnt at 7000/30 Flood Fill, .08 line spacing.

Thank you!

maybe .08 is too much, seems to be lines overlapping so the cork will be overburned

No, I seem to be getting lines no matter what resolution/lines per inch, I’ve added more photos of previous tests https://photos.app.goo.gl/Nsd7oBW1FgrvRixx8

can you try other material? like plywood? maybe is cork but i make a guess, never burned

Just tried on wood and still getting lines :woman_facepalming:

After emailing ortur the solution was to take the laser out of focus. I liked 2 cards out of focus best. Just leaving this here for others to reference

What is the thickness of the card or the out-of-focus distance that you added? I believe it will be helpful for others to know.

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