Ortur Maser 2 PRO Stop

Lightburn 0.9.24, Ortur Laser Master 2 pro
Help thanks !
Device settings: working area 400 x 400 mm
Import of jpg files, image size 160 mm x 140 mm
One level 2000/70
After 45 minutes from the start of the engraving and 77% of the work the Ortur Master 2 PRO stops !
Same image resized by almost half, 70 x 60 mm, same level 2000/70.
The engraving is finished in 9 minutes, at the end of the work the machine returns to homing
Some idea ? I am a beginner, I include screenshots of my setup

Ortur has provided the following to help resolve this issue.

Thanks for the reply and for the suggestion, I will try to make the kit you suggest by myself. Meanwhile, a strange thing has happened. I connected another computer where the Lightburn software is installed, I started the same engraving work that I had done previously and … with this computer the engraving finished without problems! Very strange.
I’ll try other engraving with this second connected computer

Does this include the Pro version that was released in June 2021 or is it just for the laser master 2?

Does what include the “pro version”? :slight_smile:

Does the Pro version need the grounding kit?

This would be a good question to pose to the nice folks that make this device. You should check with Ortur Support. :slight_smile: Not trying to be a jerk here, but we do not make this hardware, and do not know what is required in this regard, sorry.

Grounding really helps mine wouldn’t work at all till grounded now smooth as butter. now new issue

Which is? :slight_smile:

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