Ortur Master 15w does not frame

When I hit the frame button nothing happens, if I hit the shift and frame button it’ll move just one side and stop.

Sounds like your cut it outside the working area of the machine.

Make sure your home position is set correctly

Try re-homing and use the ‘teardrop’ tool on the left of the screen.
Just click around the work surface, the laser should follow.
If you want to use ‘frame’ when you sort your problem just click ‘frame’.
The ‘shift + click’ feature is for framing with the laser beam on at low temp so you can see exactly where it frames.

i always use the tear drop to take the laser head to the centre of my image, then frame then i always know that i am within parameters

Yep you are correct thank you sir, my burn area is even smaller than I thought, prayerfully I can find a way to attach this laser to my cnc to increase the area