Ortur Master 2 20W stopping, burning a hole, then shuting off

Hi Folks,

I’ve been using the laser for 2 months with no problems. Over the last couple of projects the x-axis has been stopping and burning a hole and then stopping. I noticed when moving the x-axis freely it has some resistance. I think either the x axis motor or wheels are getting seized. It’s not really bad but in my head I think it’s the problem. I clean my laser regularly. I’ve been using it OFTEN. Daily for at least a few hours. Is this a matter of a hobby laser being overused?

Has anyone had any issues. Is it possible it’s the program or a problem between computer and module.

If anyone has dealt with ortur to get replacement parts any advice would be appreciated.

Hi, have you lubricated the bearings since you bought it?
I realised mine were beginning to make a lot of noise after a couple of weeks after purchase so i used WD40 and works a lot smoother since.
Not saying it’s the right product to use but hopefully lubricating the bearings may help.

For small CO2 and diode laser machines you should be able to move the laser head with your fingertip without appreciable resistance. I clean mine with a cloth and compressed air and give the moving parts a little acid-free oil once in a while.
Note, sometimes there may be small parts on the inside of the belt which then get pinched in the pulley.

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