Ortur master 2 20w

Just received my Ortur Master 2 that is 20w version.

During assembly, there are 4 nuts that bolt the laser on. I noticed the laser is ever so slightly angled if you bolt the laser on with the supplied four nuts.

Also noticed that 2 of the screws have washers while the other 2 did not.

It would seem to me the laser should be pointing straight down and not at a slight angle.

Any advice?

You are 100% right in your presumption and in all places where there is enough space, I use washers.
A advice in the end, keep an eye on the temperature of your laser head, and expect it to be quite high because there are no 20 Watt diodes on the market that “ordinary” people can buy for money. I mean they are at max 3.5 maybe up to 6.5 Watt ?, the rest are either lying or pumped up by xxx percent. The result is usually a very short diode life.

Thought I would upload a photo. Notice the top 2 screws have locking washers and the bottom does not.

The laser gets mounted at an angle.

Hard to understand if the manufacturer just left out something or is this by design?

Hi, I just got mine on Saturday, It appears that yours was assembled wrong. I do have the bottom washers.

The use of washers or not, where pictured, should not affect the angle of the laser.
I had to replace the wheels on mine to get repeatable accuracy.

The laser mounts to the plastic plate and that plate mounts onto those screws that suppose to fit flush against those 4 nuts.

With 2 of them not have washers, it does not sit flush against those 4 nuts…thus sits at a very slight angle.

Would anyone be so kind to take a photo similar to mine with the laser mounted? It would help to see what it should be…

I think things like this can cause hours down the road trying to figure out why the laser doesn’t work right or accurately.

Here you go, I would add them to make it the same. There is a variation in washer thickness as well. I would just remind you that it’s a $300 unit and it’s accuracy is already limited by its design.

Thanks for the photo…and all the feedback.

This helps.

I remember reading or seeing on YouTube someone had some similar issue with theirs, but I just can’t remember where I was reading it or what they did.

I just know the laser being at an angle just did not look right.

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My mistake, I was looking at the photo wrong.