Ortur Master Laser with Mac

Hi I am a new user of the Ortur Laser Master. I assembled it downloaded the Lightburn software. Got to the point where the software indicated “Ready”. I tried holding the shift key and clicking on frame. But I can’t get the laser beam to operate. Any suggestions?

Did you tick ‘Enable laser fire button’ ON (green) from the ‘Device Settings’ page, then restart LightBurn?

First of all, thank you for your prompt response. It’s really appreciated. Initially, I did enable the button. However, I did not restart the software. Once I restart the software, what do I need to do to actually see the laser beam? I’ve been trying to figure this out since yesterday. I saw on one post that I should hold shift and Hit frame. Is that correct? Thanks.

Yes, for your system, holding the shift key and hitting the ‘Frame’ button will turn the beam on while framing at the ‘Power’ level set in the ‘Move’ window.

That did it!! Thank you so much. I had gotten very frustrated. It turned out the restart and then looking at Power “Move Menu”, I discovered that power was set to 0.00. Put it up to 2 and hit “Fire” and a smile came to my face. Thanks again…Really appreciated.

It’s intentionally a bit difficult to activate this because there isn’t a way for LightBurn to know if you have a diode or a CO2 tube. With a CO2 machine, that beam is invisible and having this feature enabled accidentally could be really dangerous.

We have a FAQ entry for this too:

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