Ortur Master Pro 2 Vs Ortur Master 3 - which would you recommend?

Hi all,

Looking to get a first laser engraver/cutter - mainly for engraving I’d expect.

The Ortur brand seem quite popular/good value, so I’m leaning this way, however I’m struggling to decide between the Ortur Master 2 Pro and the newer Master 3.

Could any experts give me some advice here?

From what my amateurish skills can see, both appear to have the same wattage laser, although there’s some technobabble on the Master 3 that I can tell how much is sales marketing Vs actual improvements.

The Master 2 has extendable rails, which is a big attraction as I could see myself needing this.

There also appears to be a bigger range of accessories around the Master 2, this could be because it’s older.

I definitely want to get an air assist attached to it, so it’d need to be able to do this - again it’s not clear if this is possible on the Master 3.

Any advice, tips most welcome!