Ortur turns off 20 min in only when running at 0 degrees, works perfectly at 180 degrees

I have an ortur pro 2, if I run a job at zero degrees the machine will turn or about a quarter of the way through a 8 x 10. Lightburn keeps running timer but machine turns off.

If I run the job at 180 degrees I get a complete job. It’s only when the laser is running side to side that this problem occurs.

What precisely do you mean by ‘turn off’? Stop, power lights go out, laser cooling fan shuts off?

By 180 degrees do you mean upside-down?

Are there any messages in the Console window when the turn-off happens?

Power light goes out, stops running, and on the computer side says disconnected

I had a similar problem.Is your laser grounded and bonded? Bonded meaning all components and the negative of your limit switches are tied to ground. Mine would do about 1/4 of an 8-1/2 x 11 and drop connection to the computer. Lightburn would sometimes halt, sometimes kept streaming away.

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Try turning off power saving on USB Hubs.

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