Ortur with LU2-4 head jerking issue

This is a new one on me. I haven’t used my Ortur in a while, about 4-5 months and it started burning just fine but is jerking little jerks so the pattern I’m burning is all distorted. Any idea whats going on? I checked all connections and cable lines are free, not catching on corners. I use Macbook Pro.

Well I got that fixed. It was definitely in the settings. Next issue. Not sure how, but I checked the image to make sure all lines connect and everything is locked, BUT none of the shapes are burning in the spot they should, they overlap and just burn in whatever position on the wood it wants to. Looks very distorted. Table is level.

Anybody have an answer of where I should look to correct this problem? I run Ortur with LU2-4 head. The art is created on Macbook Pro 2011 using Mojave in Illustrator CC 2018 saved as .ai and also tried pdf. Maybe jpg would work? The burn is exactly as you see it in 2nd photo. The drawing is a printout I shaded in to see what my cut areas would leave me only. Im thinking my grbl selection may be wrong. I seem to have 4 listed to pick from. Not sure how or which to remove yet. I am licensed with Lightburn but original Lightburn license. Help?

This looks a lot like ‘lost motion’.

Reducing the speed and power will go a long way to keeping the machine physically stable throughout the job.

Please post the speed and power settings that were last applied to this job. The units of speed (inches per minute or mm per minute) are quite important. If the units are set for inches per second this may be driving this behaviour.

If the speeds and power settings seem reasonable, the next step is looking for loose belts and pulleys that can make the machine skip.

Settings: 1st was Sp. 50, Pwr 80, Pass 6
2nd was Sp 30, Pwr 60, Pass 8.
Both gave me same results.
Belts would make sense. I had moved my Ortur and table when I rearranged my studio, so definitely possible. I will check them. Thx!

Thank you thank you thank! I tighten all screws, the headboard and belts and Wow! what a difference.

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