Ortur YRR rotery roller settings


i have a ORtur laser master 2 diode laser, and just purchased an ortur yrr rotary too.
i assembled the roller plugs it in and it moves as it should.

I having trouble to find the right settings for the roller. im just wondering if anyone may have the same setup and can help me out here.

So if im correct i need to find out and set the mm per rotation and the roller diameter only once. but i don’t know these, also i did not find it online anywhere for the ortur yrr rotary. does anyone know the correct values? if not whats the easiest way to find out?

Thanks in advance.

Enter the roller diameter first. Then run a job of known size on the rotary (like a 20x20mm square). Measure the result, and adjust the ‘mm per rotation’ value based on the result, like this:

New value = Old value x Requested size / Actual result size

For example, if the result is only 10mm around, you’d double the ‘mm per rotation’ value (New = 360 x 20 / 10). If the result was 32mm, you’d do New = 360 x 20 / 32.

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