Other not so obvious creations with your laser...poured resin art

So not going to get into too much on all the how to as resin art is a whole other subject. However I tend to use my lasers to create art I sell a bit outside of the standard engraving scenario.
I do a ton of poured resin art I sell. I use the laser to engrave out the art then hand pour (sometimes using icing bags) each color. I can achieve shading etc.
The basic is engrave…pour colors one at a time…use a slab mill to flatten the over pour…sand…polish…lacquer or Odies oil…done


Beautiful work. I’m doing one of our maps with a pour to create a bar table for a new brewery opening.

I do a lot of table pours….started with that….fun. Had to build a slab mill to do it right…made it much easier

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This stuff is fantastic! Can you point us in the direction of how resin pouring works with laser work?