Oture master pro 2 workes fine with trial software

My Ortur worked fine on the trial software, but when I activated the license it it no longer responds.
Orture Master Pro 2
Lightburn 1.0.06
Macintosh HD
mac OS 10.13.06
Console message “Waiting for connection”

The bule ‘connected’ LED is lit but seems not to be connected.

Basically same here Neje master 2

Check your modem settings. I kept finding mine set to Blutooth instead of USBModem1234. If Lightburn comes up before the machine is ready it defaults to one of the wireless connections. Let the machine come up then check the modem then click the “Device” button click on your software and ok. The laser head may do the little homing jiggle and you should be good to go. Hope it works for you.

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I will check that, so far it only does it with images. My equipment seems to work fine with the Neje software, unfortunately it isn’t very good. Thank you

Please let me know what you find out, I have a Neje A40640 coming soon.

I think I might know the problem, but I need to know how to send a command to turn “tilt” OFF. I used the Neje software to test the machine and image and it printed perfect, but I realized it was hitting tilt about as often and as random as the fails in lightburn. In Neje software I turned Tilt off and had no further issues. So to confirm my theory I need to send the command Tilt off in lightburn prior to each print. Someone please help.

Can you explain what tilt is?

Take a look at this thread, according to that thread setting $33 to a higher number raises the shock/tilt sensor threshold.

I’m not sure that’s correct though, $33 looks like it’s the PWM frequency, $262 seems to be the correct one to change.

Hope this helps.

Still not printing more than a couple minutes. Works great in the NEJE software so it isn’t machine or connection. I disabled the USB time out and had no affect. I tried the $33=1000 and get ERROR 3 not recognized, and machine still stops. It stops with both line draws and/or image engravings. Please help while I have hair left lol

Tilt is a sensor on the NEJE board that stops the print if it detects too much shaking that may cause deviation or being touched…thats my understanding anyhow.

Apologies… I didn’t realise you had a NEJE and not an Ortur!

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