‘Out of Area’ and cutting area not right

I need help, asap please.
I have an iMac and Windows laptop with LB on it.
All went well for 2 weeks.
Now a file I have moves the gantry harshly against the top and side when I hit ‘frame’
I have to manually pull the laser back into 0,0 position.
The ‘Abs Co-Ords’ also shows the green rectangles way off!!
When I go to ‘Run’ it says the job is ‘Out of Bounds’, yet when I use the pointer of actually run the job, it cuts normally (after I have dragged the laser to the 0,0 position.
The issue happens if I am designing and using either iMac and Windows.
When I set up the device on the iMac, it found the laser but set the bed size to 10mm x 10mm.

HELP please.

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