Out of date help videos

Why hasn’t Lightburn updated help videos to enable us not as savvy users more understanding of and correlation between video and release we have. Example camera calibration shows operator holding calibration card at angles and reality is today is nothing like video on website. I bought my camera almost 2 years ago and still don’t have it working correctly. Can’t get past calibration set up. Very upset with lack of correct info addressing this complex set up.


While the video tutorials linked directly on the website are older videos, we do have a bunch of newer videos uploaded in the last year (including one here that covers camera calibration.) on our YouTube channel that might be of use.

Could you try and describe why you can’t get past calibration setup; any odd messages, errors, warnings, or other dialogues that LightBurn is showing you might help us diagnose!

manage to get computer to recognize 1 time and then quit recognizing. the one time it recognized it i managed to get it calibrated then it quit recognizing again. Doesn’t even show up in device manager. I’m 55 years old and not the most tech savvy person out here but these YouTube videos make it seem like plug and play mostly. Oh and now that I’m typing this email it is being seeing the camera. go figure but im not fooled this is what happened before. I believe this is a bad camera but…

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