Out of memory attempting to rasterize

Lightburn keeps crashing. Out of memory error.
Attempting to rasterize. Always happens on my larger (12"×12") images azz and it crashes ¾ through a burn. Please help. Tyia

Help isn’t going to happen until you provide more information. Like, what OS are you using? What are you trying to ‘rasterize’? What are your other settings?
Sorry… I’m out of ideas.

Sorry, it’s my 1st time here. Windows 10. 12"×12" image 4000mm/m 300 dpi dither.

I apologize. I’m using Windows 10. Ortur Laser Master 2 30w neje module. Everytime I try a larger image, Lightburn crashes. Driving me crazy ruining my burns

How much memory does your computer have? If it’s anything less than 8 GB with Windows 10 then you’re bound to have problems with any significant graphics application.

also, how small are your dots your laser can make? The default is .1mm for 254mm/inch resolution and the more dpi the more memory it’ll take.

Good point, a diode laser is probably about a 100DPI at best.

when does it actually happen? During burn or during image preparation. I just did an Image little bigger than 300x300mm, 600dpi adjusted it then looked at the preview, is a little slow on my laptop but my (beta) lightburn does not crash?

Please share a screenshot of this crash report. If this is LightBurn crashing, it shouldn’t, and we need to see the actual report and tell you this in the screen shown. :slight_smile:

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