Out of memory attempting to rasterizer image - Fiber

I am getting memory errors or crashed when attempting to engrave any photos. It seems that if I drop DPI it works, but I am attempting a black that does not remove metal.


Just out of curiosity - If you go to your Desktop and right-click IMG_8378.png and select Properties (at the bottom of the list) it will come back with a pop-up. You should see the file size and the number of KB or MB next to it.

If there are four tabs across the top of that window. Clicking the one marked Details may tell you how many pixels wide and tall the image is. That might be handy or at least interesting to know.

I imagine it’s a big file and it’s asking for all the memory. How many MB is it? :smiley:

What DPI did you select that handles this file in LightBurn for you?

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