Output Issue - Software or settings? (Long post)

This is going to be a long post, but I am thoroughly stumped. Let’s start with the problem. I am running LB V1.2.01 (as I have been unable to renew my license and upgrade) and my output is randomly burned with thinned letters or spaced apart and as of today, a logo image was burned diagonally even though the words were straight but spaced as seen in the photo.

Also, seen in this photo is the spacing issue, space between the R and A as well as between the I and T. This spacing issue is prevalent in everything I have done to date on the rotary. This next issue is in thinning some areas of lettering that is in the same place on different glasses and different sizes.

I have looked at every Youtube and LB vid I could find on the subject to no avail. Here are my settings starting with GRBL. Steps/mm on Y (23.84) rotate my drive wheels 1 rev in laserGrbl. I slowed down the accel to 20.

Then going to LB to the rotary setup, I made a mark on the drive wheel and adjusted till the setting till it makes exactly 1 rev.

From here, I will show the LB settings and results.

Refer to the maroon tumbler in first pic for the result. here is a couple other pics with the same issue.

Last 2 pics are of the rotary jig and a perfect flat burn.

I am hoping someone can help me get this straightened out as I would like to have this thing burning while I am busy building guitars.

Looking at the first photo, it looks like you are scanning around the mug, not along it’s axes…?

This appears to be in the rotaries rotational axes…

Most of the time we set the angle to 0, not 90 deg… spinning the mug exacerbates the chances of a mug/cup slipping on the roller…

The X axes is usually the one where all the movement takes place… the rotary only moves by the dpi/lpi amount each scan… limiting slippage…


@jkwilborn Thanks for your response. I understand what you are saying, I went this way to burn with the metal grain. I will run this again with X doing most of the moves and see if it makes a difference. It’s really hard for me to believe it’s slipping due to the clamping pressure and slow speed it’s running at. Let you know. Should only take about 1/2 hr. Thanks

Decided to run a silhouette line first and since this isn’t right, couldn’t see much sense in wasting an hr filling it in.

I’m back to the original issues in the original post with objects not being round and circles not being round in several objects in exactly the same way in different places. I did the word “Good” because it showed the issue the best, all the small circles inside the letters were all deformed and in exactly the same way. There is no way it slipped the exact same amount while doing each letter side by side. When I made it much larger, the issue was not there. But, there were still misshapen areas in the G. Thanks

If it were the rotary slipping, it wouldn’t be out of line in the X axes, which it is…

I’ll have to think about this a bit…

It appears to be losing steps, but when that happens it can’t recover…

Is the left part of the inner area with the 1 done before the right side… which way are you laying down the artwork?


@JKWilborn More tests regarding this issue. Circles not round, breaks in line…
This is the success with the rotary so far, and it had a couple skips. Burned at 300/10 with X doing most the work. processed from online image and image traced and enhanced contrast.

These are the last tests from today.
Vevor Nema 23 motor that came with the rotary.
speed = 100 Pwr = 5
acceleration - X=20 Y=10

This next image is with a higher torque Nema 23 (original motor gets Super hot)
Same exact settings, different motor.

I am at a total loss here. I hope someone can spot something I’m missing.