Output not to scale SOMETIMES

If I draw a 50mm square in Lightburn and output it the dimensions are perfect.
If I load a SVG of some other image the Output is over scale by about 15%.
I tried tracing the image in Lightburn then outputing the the scaling error remains the same.
Anybody got an idea how to fix this

Perhaps the 72 / 96 DPI selection in Edit → Settings → File Settings → SVG Import Settings does not match whatever the source program might be.

The scale would be off by 1.33 in one direction and 0.75 in the other: not 15% either way, but worth checking.

Thank for the reply ednisley. I made the suggested change but had no effect.
I took a screen shot the shows the problem.

It was a camera alignment issue. I hadn’t realised that the height of the work piece above or below "Camera Alignment " height impacts the alignment. I bit basic I know but dont remember seeing this mentioned anywhere… All good now

Now we know a camera was part of the problem!

Per the Camera Alignment doc:

Before you start, make sure the camera is firmly mounted in the position it will be when using it. You can mount the camera to a movable piece of your laser, like the lid, as long as the position of the camera is the same when you use it as it is when you go through the alignment process.

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