Output only 1 engraving of these 4 but are on same layer

Is there any way in LB to turn on/off output for only some of the objects in a given setup like i have here since they are in the same layer or layers? In my current set up im still dialing in my settings and don’t want to run all 4 of these each time I run a test. Is there a way to only run 1 of them since they are in the same layers?

OR if not
is there a way to parse these out into individual parts at this point but put them on their own layer/layers so I can turn off the output for the ones I don’t want to run for a given test? For example, I just want to run the 1 in the upper left.

Enable “Cut Selected Graphics” in Laser window, then select those shapes that you want to burn.

Ok Gotcha thanks.

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