Output scaling on CO2 with Ruida

I am working to change control of my chinese CO2 laser from my windows laptop to my shop-based Linux (Mint) system. I have Lightburn installed, licensed & functional (not sure what version is installed and I can’t find a quick simple way to extract it - but I know it’s not the latest because it was complaining about that when I started this effort).

It was originally set for my diode laser using GRBL and I added the configuration for the CO2 with the Ruida controller. When I put some material down and pulse it - then move it to the left 63mm (the width of my project) using the ‘move’ function - no problem… 63mm. When I select my project and output it - 63mm turns into 94mm. When I highlight my project and look at the dimensions in the upper left corner - they indicate 63mm

I’m guessing this is basic and easy - but frankly… there are a gazillion settings in Lightburn (all good - all necessary - all making it fantastic software) that I have not taken the time to understand and master. Can anyone point me in the right direction??


Go to Help->License Management and it will show you the licenses that are valid and version. The title bar will also show you the version in any case.

The symptoms you’re describing are quite strange. By chance, do you have print & cut currently enabled?

Are you having this issue on both X and Y or just a single dimension?

If on just the Y, do you possibly have rotary enabled?

Sorry - I did forget a couple of details… My license just ran out a few weeks ago - I haven’t gotten around to renewing yet. I am okay with what I have so far so it hasn’t been a priority.

Second - I assumed it was out because the test output (cutting a piece of paper) appeared correct. In fact - ‘Y’ is just fine a 186mm move is 186mm and my project is 186mm cut.

So I’m just experiencing it in the ‘X’ dimension.

Thanks for asking that question…

Where is the ‘cut and print’ setting in Lightburn? I don’t recall seeing it.


What’s the history of the laser. Is this brand new?

If you design a 100x100mm square what are the dimensions of the resulting cutout?

It’s possible that you you need to calibrate your axis but the amount you’re talking about seems extreme and I would expect this to also affect jogging distances in Move window.

It’s access from Laser Tools menu.

Can you take a full screenshot of LightBurn and post here?

No - I purchased it used just after Christmas this year. I think the laser tube is coming to the end of it’s life. I have been ‘driving’ it with my Windows laptop, but wanted to switch to my Linux desktop I have in the shop since the laptop is probably more ‘delicate’ (and more valuable). I will take the laptop out tomorrow morning and give it a run to just to confirm that it ‘works’ correctly with the Windows installed Lightburn.

Thanks for taking the time to help - I was really hoping someone would say “Oh ya - I had that problem too. All you have to do is ‘blah blah blah’”. Before I go taking any more time from this forum - I’m going to validate that it works with Windows. If it does - I may just do a point by point setup comparison and see if there is something configured differently in the Linux install.


Based on what you’ve so far indicated this isn’t likely to be a LightBurn settings issue but worth checking to quickly rule out some potential causes.

And you are absolutely correct… it’s an ‘I’ ‘D’ ‘10’ ‘T’ error. The computer, software, laser and connection are just fine - the connection between the keyboard/monitor and operator is failing.

I was looking at the ‘x’ POSITION (63mm) and not the ‘x’ DIMENSION. Purely by coincidence the ‘y’ position was at ~186mm which happens to match the ‘y’ dimension of the project. OIY… talk about displaying one’s stupidity to the world… OK - move along folks - nothing to see here…

Thanks for jumping in - I really appreciate the quick response and apologize for taking your time with my silly oversight.



Hat tip for admitting a mistake: that’s the hardest part of debugging a problem!

All too often, folks vanish in a puff of embarrassment, leaving us wondering what happened … :grin:


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