Output/Show switch too small

Is there some way to make the switches/toggles bigger on the Output/Show/Enable Rotary buttons bigger? They are really tiny in a large box and I have to click them multiple times before I can get them to turn off or on.

Martin Gaut

No, there is not a way to increase the size of these switches yourself.

Edit: Or, do as @LightBurn is about to suggest below. :wink:

That looks like you’re using it on something like a Surface or other really high-density display. You can set an environment variable to scale up the software interface that can help.

Set a global environment variable like this:

Then try running LightBurn and see if that’s any better. You’ll likely need to lower the font scale first.

Where do I set that variable? I have placed it in both the “user variables” and “system variables” fields in the picture. even rebooted the computer. It has no affect.

This is a laptop with a screen resolution of 3840x2160.

Thank you

Martin Gaut

Either should work. That’s bizarre. If I set QT_SCALE_FACTOR as 2 in my user environment variables, the interface gets so large it’s barely usable. Right-click the icon for LightBurn and check to see in the ‘Compatibility’ tab if any of the High DPI settings are changed - you can set scaling in there as well, independent of the rest of your computer.

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