Outside of cutting area

when I click the start I get error msg image outside work area and may not transmitted do you want to continue. I not sure how to determine where the problem is help

Do the homing before doing the work to determine the zero position of the machine

The message is to inform you if your laser is “trying” to work outside the specified coordinates.

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Have you gone through Common Grbl Setups?

Then check out Coordinate and Job Origin.


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This is also worth reviewing for the system listed in your profile. Configuring a 3018 CNC (or other CNC-based laser) for use with LightBurn

You need to figure out if your machine is “zero’d” - If you click the ‘Get Positions’ button in the ‘Move’ window, does it return numbers that make sense? If you move the laser head to the origin of the machine (front left for GRBL), the position reported should be 0x, 0y.

After that, check the ‘Start From’ setting, and review the way those modes work here:

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