Outsider black, Indizes white

Sometimes i have Problems when i fill, that the outsider is black and inside its white.
Or when i do lines that you can see where the laser turns on. Like it’s running 100% when it starts and needs time to control the power down.

Any ideas?

Most likely you don’t have overscanning enabled on the fill layer, so it starts moving at the edge of the design, not a little bit before it - that will cause the black edges. You’re also likely going too fast, which is why it starts dark, but gets too light in the middle.

Thx for your reply.
my overscanning is enabled with 3% and feed is 2500 mm/min.
At other softwares this is not to fast and i don`t see a difference between outside and inside.

And when is make Line i see when the laser starts. Dark spot at the beging of the line.

Any other ideas?

Do you have laser mode enabled? ($32=1) You can type $$ in the console and press enter, then check the $32 setting. If it’s zero, change it to 1.

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