Over powering laser


I have a red and black clone running a Ruida controller and a 60w cloud ray tube

I am cutting and engraving on 1mm box board, plywood and mdf.

The details that I’m working with is quite fine - I’m building models.

All of a sudden, the engraving is now burning through and the lines being cut to mark the item are also burning through. It seems that the machine has increased its power by maybe double.

I have to run the machine relatively slow as I’m getting too much head wobble.

The engraving speed is 125mm/sec with a max power of 15percent and min of 12percent - this is burning through on the box board - the detail lines are running at 50mm/sec and 12max/10min percent

These settings have been working fine until now.

Any suggestions / help as to what’s gone wrong would be appreciated.


Hi, I presume you haven’t had any incidents or done any maintenance. ?

What controller are you using. ?

Can you send some good quality images please…

Any and all other information would be good.

How do you start the job ? From laptop / PC or send, then start from the machine. ?

I know you have, but :crazy_face: have you checked and triple checked focus, power and speed settings, security of the head on the slide.

You mention ‘wobble’ good word ‘wobble’, anyway, what type, when, what have you done or tried to eliminate it ?

Hope to hear soon



I reduced the power setting on the items I am cutting and it started working fine again.

However today it has started to over power again so I set up a test to see what is happing.

Test test is several cut lines at 25mm/sec and 5%,6%,7%,8%,9%,10%,11%,12% & 13%.

The amp meter shows 13mA for each cut. I so did the same for engraving 100mm/sec at 8%,9%,10% & 11% and amp show between 8 & 9 mA.

So I am guessing that the problem is with the controller not changing the power.

I have upgraded to

60W CO2 MYJG Series Power Supply (Black Shell) MYJG-60W 110/220V - 220V

60-100W CO2 Laser Tube Upgraded Metal Head CR Series - 60-80W L1250 D55 CR70

Ruida RDC6445G DSP Controller

All from Cloudray.

This is now urgent as I was just to start production.

Thanks again


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