Over run when fill engraving to limit machine vibrations

Hey All,
New to lightburn and this software looks very promising. currently using laser cad for my big laser and Laser Etch for my little 3W laser attached to my OX CNC GRBL machine.

In Laser Etch, I can set an overrun distance that will make the machine travel past the graphic being engraved with the laser off to help reduce vibrations from the change in direction when raster engraving back and forth. Does lightburn have this option?

Sure does! It’s called “Overscanning” and can be set on both vector fill and image raster engraving operations:

The distance it overscans is relative to the percentage value you set and the set scan speed so that it has enough time to more slowly decelerate and change directions.


looks like I may be upgrading my software setup very soon :smiley:


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