Overburn on engraving

I am working on all my settings to produce clean engraving on wood. I’m still getting a little overburn. The settings I have now are. 300 Speed and 28 power

.1 line interval. What would be the best things to adjust?

Also, I have a c02 laser 150w. And I’m using lightburn software

I use masking tape in 12" wide rolls. It seems to help with this issue.

You mean you engrave on top of the masking tape? Do you do that with other materials besides wood?

Yes, mask the top of your work and engrave right through it then remove the masking. I use that technique with acrylic also.

Have you done that on glass?

here is what i use and squeegee it down nice and flat.

never tried it on glass. you will never know unless you try.

Ha! Ok, thank you!

You shouldn’t need to mask with glass - the staining you’re seeing is soot or sap from the burn being blown onto the wood by the air assist. You can usually wipe it off with a baby wipe or a bit of rubbing alcohol. For simpler designs, masking can be faster. For complex stuff, wiping or a light sanding usually takes less time than weeding (picking off all the remaining tape).

Glass doesn’t produce soot like this, so it doesn’t need this kind of cleanup.

Yes, I started realizing that yesterday, I did a light sanding and it vanished, i’ll definitely try the rubbing alcohol. Thanks! I can see how the tape can work well with simpler designs, or with tempermental wood.

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