Overburning using line sublayer

Hi guys, I’ve been using lightburn now for a few months and it’s absolutely fantastic! I am having a bit of a problem since the last update though. I like to do a fill and line for small text but I am having a problem doing it as a sublayer. It seems as though the first shape in the line sublayer is overburning. The problem happens when using a single fill layer with a line sublayer. I did another test by copy and pasting the design, aligning it to itself, then applying a single fill layer to one and a single line layer to the other with the same settings as the sublayer setup. Anyone else have this issue?

The top is a simple fill for reference
The middle is the passed test using a single fill and single line layers
The bottom is the failed test using a single fill with line sublayer. You can see the t farthest on the right is over burned.

Thanks for the help and looking forward to being more active around here!

test fail - fill_line.lbrn (74.5 KB)
test pass - fill_line 2 layer.lbrn (136.9 KB)

I forgot to add the lightburn files just incase someone could maybe see if I’ve done something wrong. Thanks again!

I believe this was the same issue reported earlier. It may have been addressed in today’s release (1.20.01) based on this note:

  • Bugfix: Ruida didn’t properly set speed when using sub-layer line after a fill

See if the update addresses this for you.

Can confirm, the update has solved the problem. Thank-you!!

Having similar problem, except mine is ignoring changes to the sub-layer power settings. I have to exit the software and restart for my laser cutter to acknowledge them. I’ve installed 1.20.01 but the problem persists.

That sounds like something unique. I suggest you open a new topic with as much detail as possible to recreate the issue to see if others are experiencing the same thing.

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