Overscan on scan angles

I’m trying to engrave at multiple angles on a file but can’t get it to overscan.
The documentation says: “On Ruida hardware, scan angles that are multiples of 90 degrees are supported natively by the hardware and will automatically overscan for you. Other angles are scanned using standard cutting commands.”
Is there a way to add overscan to standard cutting commands? The engraving looks terrible without it.

There isn’t - I tried, but the Ruida will reject the job if it’s not formatted a certain way. I don’t recommend using angled scans on Ruida for anything but artistic fill patterns. You can get pretty clean results if your Min Power is set properly.

Thought this might be the case. Tried the engraving at 40mm/s so it would be slow enough to not need an overscan. Comes out clean but there’s still artefacts from the head accelerating during the engrave. Guess it’s the best I’ll get!

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