Oversize Burn on a Xcarve

I am running on an xcarve with a jtech 2.8 laser.
My maximum size is 30" x 30"
I need to burn a graphic that is 20" wide (X) and 60" tall (Y)
My plan is to start the burn 0° for 30"
Then stop, reposition the piece and burn the other 30" from 180°
The question is, how do I get my xcarve to start at the upper most left corner and not try and travel 60"

Why not just use the boolean tools to split the job into two pieces that can be burned independently? Or, if it’s an image, crop it twice in Paint or something similar, into two halves. Much easier to work with that way.

Thanks, I was not aware of how to use the Boolean tools.
I will watch the videos to get up to speed.

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