Overview of available lay numbers

When I work with many layers and have to create a new layer that is not already in use.

is there a solution to easily get an overview of available lay numbers

As in, what layers are already in-use vs unused? Or as in, the setting for the layers?

Don’t understand your answer.

Lol. I don’t understand your initial question. I was trying to narrow it down so I could provide a better answer.

If you’re using several layers, and their sublayers and you want to see all the layers in use you can undock the Cuts / Layers window and make it full height or drag it onto another monitor.

I don’t know of a Layers in Use view.

Your suggestion may be a good post on our Feature Suggestions site.
I don’t see that anyone has made this suggestion yet.

I agree, it can be a useful feature. The current layer view shows them in engraving order, so the numbers are in “random” order, and it can be hard to find a “hole” in the usages.
An option could show a different border in the color palette when a layer already uses it?
(Or show such border or overlay icon on demand with a button.)

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