Own a License for my 80W Omtech CO2 but want to upgrade my license to cover my 40W Galvo

Purchased an Omtech 80W CO2 about a year ago with a Lightburn license I was also able to use my Galvo during the trial period when it was first released but now I need to purchase the upgrade license but can’t access the license portal because presumably I don’t have an account with Lightburn. I followed the instructions to click forgot password but it does not send any emails. I have checked promotions folder and spam but haven’t received anything in over an hour. What can I do to both add my Co2 License and purchase the upgrade through the license portal?

The license upgrade is not purchased through the License Portal. Link to purchase the upgrade is here:

I figured it out, I had to get my original serial registered so I could purchase the upgrade and associate it to that serial. Support responded quickly and took care of me!

Thanks for the reply.

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