Ox oy not at front left as it should be

my lightburn software shows front left is x 397 y397 , when i look at get position button. if i home machine it comes to front left corner, but it does not show x0 y0 , if i tell machine to go to x0 y0 with move to position go button, it moves to back right. i have everything i know of set to front left for zero.

Can you provide the following:

  1. Do jogging controls in Move window work as expected? Up goes up, down goes down, left goes left, right goes right?
  2. Can you provide a screenshot of Edit->Device Settings?
  3. Can you run these commands one at a time in Console and then return all output?

Note that the first command will home the machine so be aware.

jogging controls works as designed. how do i take and load a screenshot?









Target buffer size found






















































Note that you’re actually in negative workspace, not positive 397,397.

Run this in Console:

G10 L2 P1 X-397.006 Y-397.006

The last statement should return 0,0,-3 for WPos. If so, test the machine to see that it’s working correctly.

by golly your a magician!!! it works, many thank!!!

should i recalibrate my steps, or will they be the same?

Steps would not be affected so if they were good before they should be good now. Similarly, if they were bad before then worth calibrating now.

should still be spot on, i just got them set this morning

well when i shut down lightburn and restarted it, things are back like they were. for some reason it didnt save. also my slate tile production template is off now by about 4 mm x and y

There are some firmware implementations that prevent writing these changes to memory. I wasn’t aware of any Fox Alien controllers behaving this way.

Can you rerun these commands in Console and return output? We can confirm that the settings were indeed reverted.


Ill have to wait until this evening to get back to shop, thank you for your help

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